Dear Investor, As you are aware, under the rapidly evolving dynamics of financial markets, it is crucial for investors to remain updated and well-informed about various aspects of investing in securities market. In this connection, please find a link to the BSE Investor Protection Fund website where you will find some useful educative material in the form of text and videos, so as to become an informed investor. We believe that an educated investor is a protected investor !!!

Orbis understands the complex issues rand constantly changing requirements faced by Companies planning to go public.

We recognise how such companies can be supported better and provide support throughout the entire listing process!

When setting up your public issue, we make the process as smooth as possible. Our dedicated team shall handle end to end public issue related activities in the capacity of a ‘Registrar to Issue’ in compliance with Securities and Exchange Board of India (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) (Amendment) Regulations, 2018.

Before IPO shares are listed on the secondary markets, we make sure that the allotment of shares are done in a transparent manner and investors get the allotted shares into their dematerialised accounts and also fulfil the responsibility of returning money back to investors in case they don’t get any allotment or get partial allotment in a timely manner.

Our services include the below and more based on the requirements:

  • Providing physical and electronic application processing services
  • Processing applications, including identification of suspected multiple applications
  • Preparing and formulating the basis of allocation
  • Setting up registers of shareholders / unit holders / warrant holders
  • Dispatching refund cheques / e-Auto Refund payment instructions
  • Providing allotment results publication / enquiry service, including online enquiry service
  • Dealing with claims of non-receipt of refund cheques

Services in case Issuer undertakes Anchor Issue:

  • Opening escrow demat account and facilitating the transfer of the offer for sale shares of the selling shareholder in the demat escrow account prior to the opening of the issue.
  • Giving instruction to the depositary to activate lock in for the pre offer capital (as per ICDR Regulations) and Anchor lock in.
  • Ensuring bid cum application forms from various locations are accepted by SCSB’s from Brokers/Investors/Registered Intermediaries; Collection of the electronic bid data from Stock Exchanges after offer closure.
  • Collection of aggregate data in relation to the total number of ASBA applications uploaded by self-certified Syndicate Banks (SCSB’s) and total number of equity shares and the total amount blocked against the uploaded ASBA applications, from each SCSB.
  • Reconciliation of the compiled data collected from the Stock Exchanges with the data collected from SCSB’s.
  • Keeping proper record of bids and monies received from bidders
  • Coordinating with the concerned depository and ensure that number of Equity Shares allocated to each category of bidders is correct in all respect.
  • Post communication of the basis of allotment, preparation of list of allottes.
  • Dispatch of allotment advice cum intimation, credit of shares to the allottees.
  • The above services are not exhaustive in nature, they are just indicative list of services. Considering every client may have unique needs we have multiple options designed for each client basis their needs.