Dear Investor, As you are aware, under the rapidly evolving dynamics of financial markets, it is crucial for investors to remain updated and well-informed about various aspects of investing in securities market. In this connection, please find a link to the BSE Investor Protection Fund website where you will find some useful educative material in the form of text and videos, so as to become an informed investor. We believe that an educated investor is a protected investor !!!

Orbis entered the financial markets, to provide range of focused and forward looking services designed and customized to equip the investors across segments to efficiently manage their investing operations.

As a Custodian regulated by SEBI, Orbis is a Depository Participant with both the depositories, viz NSDL and CDSL allowing clients flexibility in choosing the depository as per needs/requirement and hold securities in electronic form.

Client On boarding Services

Orbis provides a seamless and hassle free Client-On Boarding experience to its clients.

Since 2009, Orbis has built a reputation based on simplicity, trust and high standards of client support.

Orbis works on the principle of One Point contact for all clients at the time of on-boarding to ensure seamless transition and going live at the earliest.

Right from evaluating clients through Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti Money Laundering (AML), Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) Compliance, fraud prevention and detection as an integral part of the verification process, Orbis ensures that all regulatory compliances are met with and approvals obtained.

Custody/Safekeeping Services

As a SEBI registered Custodian, Orbis ensures safety of custody assets held in physical form in its vaults or in the depository in the electronic form.

Our accounting processes & controls ensure segregation of transactions and client assets avoiding any inter mingling between client assets amongst themselves or with the assets / transactions of Orbis. This segregation like a Chinese wall ensures the highest level of safety and security to the clients.

We record details of all securities and assets received and released; corporate benefits / rights & entitlements arising from the securities etc. We also maintain detailed securities movement and control records which maintains details of all asset movements, deposits, and withdrawals, including temporary withdrawals.

To this end, we have developed a comprehensive system for tracking and responding to client queries and problems. Furthermore, we provide each client with a customized Service Level Agreement detailing agreed standards for each element of our service.

Clearing & Settlement Services

Clearing & Trade Settlement Services are an integral part of Orbis’ Custody Services, be it for the Cash market or the Derivative markets. Dynamic Regulatory requirements and new industry initiatives are creating unique demands for enhanced liquidity management and operational efficiencies across different segments.

Orbis maintains high standards with respect to risk management and operations with adequate safeguards and built in procedures to protect the confidentiality of trading information constantly addressing conflict of interests.

As part of clearing and trade settlement services, Orbis ensures that the securities are available for transfer and that sufficient margin is posted or payments are made. It has appropriate risk-control mechanisms so that systemic risk is adequately controlled. And facilitate the transfer of securities and other financial assets. Appropriate reports to monitor trades, holdings and positions are also made available to the clients from time to time.

Corporate Benefits

Orbis earmarks a dedicated team to perform wide range of corporate actions with respect to client accounts and ensures efficient processing as per highest performance standards. Our employees are trained and experienced in capital market operations to provide proactive support for corporate actions be it voluntary or involuntary actions.

Our Corporate Benefit services includes:

  • Corporate Action Notification: Provide client with details of a corporate action event along with possible actions & entitlements available to them and take instruction on how the client wishes to proceed with a corporate action or proxy voting event;

  • Corporate Action Confirmation: Confirm the client that securities and/or cash have been credited/debited to their account as a result of the corporate event;

  • Corporate Action Status: Inform the status or a change in the status, of a corporate action instruction that was executed on behalf of the client.

Corporate events are increasingly frequent and complex. At Orbis we make sure that corporate actions are captured, processed and delivered without delay.

We distinguish ourselves through our responsive service and integrated technological solutions.