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Orbis offers Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) /Warrants Administration services for both Tradable and Non-Tradable ESOPs.

Salient features of the service:

  • Keep record of the type of Option, Grant date, Strike Price, Vesting Schedule, Expiration Date etc for each holder
  • Keeps record of when the ESOP/Warrant/Grant is vested
  • Reserves securities for ESOP/Warrant/Grant.
  • Simplifes tracking of ESOP/Warrant/Grant.
  • Provides reports and statements to ESOP/Warrant/Grant Holders
  • Add the holders who are to be a part of the ESOP/Warrant/Grant and enter the quantity of shares to be granted.
  • Issuance when the hlder decides to exercise the rights
  • If an Option holder leaves the organisation, the system shall surrender their rights to exercise their grants.

As the administrator of ESOP/Warrant/Grant, we provide fast and convenient services such as price quotes and the ability to request certain transaction via telephone or the web to monitor the plan and review account history.