As a thorough professionally set up organisation, we provide full service as Registrar to an Issue (RTI) and Share Transfer Agents (STA); our comprehensive range of services provides our corporate clients the most suitable set of services at the very best value.

The RTA and STA Business concerns managing complicated administration related to securities on behalf of issuers. Primarily:

  • Support for initial public offerings
  • Maintain Securities Registry
  • Shareholder-relationship consulting
  • Securities administration consulting


Orbis provide the most suited services by focusing on understanding every client’s circumstances and objectives. That means we try to deliver end-to end solutions to meet the client’s specific needs.

The key to our client service is our seamless integration of technology expertise with in depth industry knowledge.

Our Online Solution OrbisConnect is an easy to use platform, build in for upgradation, adaptive technology, secured system. Our clients can check on the portal the most granular detail on all actions and services and have 24 hour access so you can view, organize, export and analyze your data.

Orbis strives to give importance to service innovation in accordance with the Industry standards!

We provide a range of complimentary services to our clients where we introduce or connect them with the right professional teams for their services like appointing scrutinizer of the meeting; appointing proxy agents etc.